Never underestimate the power of a good brand story - it's the backbone of all great brands*. And a prerequisite for a successful pitch.

While a strong brand story won't save you from a bad idea or protect you from bad business decisions, it can certainly help you avoid some of the most common start-up/scale up pitfalls. It also helps protect you if you do make a mistake.

A strategic brand storytelling platform can help you raise funding, be a strong leader, recruit successfully, be a better employer, turbo-charge your sales, launch with a bang (not a fizzle) and be an effective marketer. 


We're not talking about a War-&-Peace style guide or a bigger-than-Ben-Hur six-month project.


We just want you to figure out how to make people understand what you do, and why. Once you have it, telling it will become second-nature.

just do this:

Think bigger

Make sure your brand transcends your product. Look beyond the technical specs of your offering to find out how it changes people's lives.

Who cares?

Know your audience! You have a wider audience than just your customers. Who do you want to know about you, why  should they care about you, and how will they find you? 

THINK Outside-in

Inside-out is backwards!     Stop yourself every time you say (or think):

"We want, we need, we will." 

Instead ask: "What do people need? What problems to they have? How can we help?

Get a personality

Bring your brand to life! Your brand needs human traits. Who are you when you post on social, give a presentation or take a sales meeting?

What's the story?

Your brand needs a narrative that resonates with audiences no matter where they are on their journey. It should  express why you exist, what you believe in, how you make a difference.

ENjoy the ride!

Get it right from the very start and you'll never look back. No last-minute scrambling to "brand" yourself because an investor "doesn't get it",  or panicking over putting together a kick-arse pitch deck.

We'll even thrown in a set of steak knives!

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